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Seattle Restaurant Week 2013


Seattle Restaurant Week is here again.  If you haven’t been yet do not forget to go.  This is a opportunity for folks to take advantage of the great restaurants Seattle has to offer.

Seattle Restaurant Week is from October 13-17 & 20-124 with over 100 restaurants that will offer $28 three course dinners or $15 lunches.

This is a great time for Seattle restaurants to show what they can do for a reasonable price and get customers they would usually not get, but also this is a great time for us foodies to go to our favorite places and get a good 3-course meal for only $28.

Since there is only one day left for this amazing offer and with over 100 restaurants to choose from that is a very hard task to figure out which place you should go to.  So I am giving you my top 5 places.  On top of that I am telling you what I ordered or would order on the menu.

You can view the full list of restaurant on the Seattle Restaurant Week website but below is my top 5 list.

Don’t miss this opportunity and make the most of the last day!

Here is my top 5 restaurant list:

Art of the Table – If you have not tried this fantastic place yet you are missing out.  During their regular menu there is only a set menu.  It can get pretty pricey of $80 per person and $120 with win pairing but it is an fantastic exerience.  I love just sitting down at the table and not having to look at the menu to order something just getting great food served.

If you just want to taste some goodies from this chef go now and try it out for this amazing deal from Seattle Restaurnt Week.

Art of the Table
1054 N. 39th Street
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 282-0942

La Bete  – Love this little cosy french place.  It is just so different and the good is delicous.  A must try.  They also have an amazing brunch with very different dishes and a bunch of fresh smoothies as well.

For Seattle Restaurant Week I would get the Falafel with Greens and Melon, housemade labne and Sumac which is just delicious.  Then I would get the Potato Gnocchi with Mushrooms, Braising Greens, Leek and Parmigianno and for dessert I would get the Coffee Cake, Lemon Curd, Huckleberry and Huckleberry Creme Fraiche Ice Cream.

La Bete
1802 Bellevue Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 329-4047

Mistral Kitchen – This place not only has amazing food but one of the best bar tenders in the city.  I have had some of the most amazing drinks here.  You can tell the bartender other types of drinks you like and she will put some amazing things together.  And what she puts together you will never have tasted anywhere else.  Even if you don’t want to try the food, go for the drinks.

Here I would start of the Pork Terrine, Bread and Butter Pickles for appetizer and then have the Slow Roasted Whole Lamb, Mint, Potato, Anchovy for entrée and some amazing Pumpkin Pie, Muscovado Ice Cream, Drunk Currant, Vanilla Foam for dessert.

Mistral Kitchen
2020 Westlake Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 623-1922

Voila Bistrot – This place is a place I go to often, it is a Madison Valley neighborhood favorite.  It’s a solid place and you get some great food here.  Want something simple and just a burger – well it is amazing.  Feel like having some soup, their onion soup is some of the best in the city.  Not a place to miss.

Here I would have the Rillette De Pouc as a starting point then the Housemade Gnocchi (with pesto sauce, annugula, parmesan) and for dessert the Chocolat Lava Cake

Voila Bistrot
2805 E. Madison St.
Seattle, WA 98112-4840
(206) 322-5460

Spur Gastropub – One of my top ten restaurants in Seattle.  It is a small place a little pretentious but the food is amazing here.  Every time I go I walk out of there just amazed at some of the flavors I ate.

For appetizer I would get the Pork Rillette with Apple, Rose & Mustard then the Tagliatelle with oyster mushrooms, pine nuts, parmesan which are amazing and for dessert the Hazelnut ganache cake with pear & burnt cinnamon meringue.

Spur Gastropub
113 Blanchard St.
Seattlle, WA 98121
(206) 728-6706

Don’t miss this opportunity! Hurry and pick up the phone and make a reservation. Many restaurants use OpenTable for you to make reservation, which makes it really easy.

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