Tropical Green Smoothie

Tropical Green Smoothie

I am a huge fan of healthy green and nutrient filled smoothies. I have been doing smoothie for my 20 month old, and i usually put some kind of green in there, or an avocado or bunch of carrots and chia seeds and then some frozen fruit.  She loves them. So when i came across this smoothie i had to try it out.  It is delicious, you can;t even taste the spinach at all.

There are a few alternatives you can do here, instead of the spinach you can use kale, instead of almond milk you could use coconut water, or whole milk.  Also instead of yogurt you could just use more milk.  I also put chia seeds in all my smoothies they are filled with nutrients and so good for you.  Especially if you don’t eat fish a lot.  And now with the Pacific Ocean totally contaminated with radiation for over 2 years and still running i have cut down on our fish intake.  It is really sad but i don’t trust the fish from the pacific ocean anymore, so we just eat tons of chia seeds around our house.

This recipe is part of the monthly Secret Recipe Club “assignment!” Every month you get a name of a blog and you need to choose ANY recipe from that blog and then blog about that recipe by a date. It’s a secret because the blog owner does not know you are doing this until the reveal date.

My secret blog this month was It’s Good to Be the Cook, which is written by Beth, who lives in a suburb outside Philadelphia. She has a great food blog you have to check it out –It’s Good to be the Cook.

What are some of your favorite Smoothie Recipes?

Tropical Green Smoothie

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Tropical Green Smoothie

Yield: 2 servings

Total Time: 2 minutes


1 6oz container of whole plain yogurt
2 cups Spinach or kale
1 Banana
1 cup Frozen Peaches
1/2 cup Frozen Mango Chunks
1/4 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk or whole milk
1 tbsp chia seeds


Mix all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. If you want it less thick add more liquid.

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